Doctor of the Day March 11, 2021

Dr. Bryan T. Green served as the South Carolina Medical Association Doctor of the Day at the South Carolina Statehouse March 11, 2021 in honor of Colon Cancer Awareness month. He was recognized in the House and Senate chambers for his efforts with the South Carolina Colon Cancer Prevention Network (CCPN) that has provided over 3,000 free screening colonoscopies for uninsured South Carolina residents.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States and one of the most preventable as it begins as a single polyp that if identified during colonoscopy can be removed before it ever becomes cancerous. There has been a tremendous increase in colon cancer in younger people (ie under age 50). This has prompted the recommendation by the American Cancer Society and the United States Preventative Task Force to begin screening of average risk individuals at age 45 and anyone with symptoms or a family history even earlier.