Several people in my family had polyps that were discovered during screening. Thankfully they're fine. It showed me how important it is to start screening at age 50.

Lee Batton
Colon Cancer Champion

So much has been achieved in terms of diagnosing and treating colon cancer but there is so much more to be done.

Peggy Baxter
Colon Cancer Advocate

Colon cancer affects men and women equally. If everyone age 50 and older had regular screening tests, at least 60% of colon cancer deaths could be avoided.

Dr. Frank Berger
Director, Center for Colon Cancer Research
University of South Carolina

You shouldn't be embarrassed about this. Screening and early detection can prevent colon cancer. Your life is too important to be embarrassed about it.

Bhavna Vasudeva
Colon Cancer Champion

Starting at age 50, it's essential to have the blessing of being tested. And I want to let others know there is life after cancer.

Reverend Joe Darby
Colon Cancer Survivor

Colon cancer truly is preventable so we need everyone to get screened starting at age 50.

Dr. Richard Greer

Starting at age 50, screening for colon cancer is one of the most common sense things any of us can do.

Senator Hugh and Jean Leatherman
Colon Cancer Champions


Physicians’ Letter to Community

For over 30 years, Digestive Disease Group and the Greenwood Endoscopy Center have been trusted to bring quality care to the Lakelands area, and as both physicians and community members we have been honored to do so. In keeping with our continued dedication to the health of our community, we wanted to take a moment to discuss a few issues that have recently surfaced. Many readers will be aware of the recent death of Chadwick Boseman, an African American actor that passed away tragically at just 43 years of age after a long battle with stage IV colon cancer. Continue Reading …


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If you’re over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer

Among cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. But if everyone aged 50 years or older had regular screening tests, at least 60% of deaths from this cancer could be avoided. Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon or rectum. The colon is the large intestine or large bowel. The rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus. Both men and women are at risk for colorectal cancer.

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